One of the best accessories to completing any outfit would have to be a pair of optical glasses or sunglasses. It’s just like a watch – having just one is not enough! A pair of slick shades to finish off a freshly pressed white shirt for the yacht party this weekend, or optical lenses to put the final touch of class on a suit – it’s an item that many of us use and require that is constantly overlooked as a necessity rather than an addition as a basis to your wardrobe.

I do have to admit, having optical glasses has always been a dream of mine. A dream which came true this week…

An eye test that I received last week left me lost for words. The Doctor who ran the tests was left dumbfounded that I had never received an eye examination before as he proceeded to tell me that I had a stigmatism. This means that the eye can’t focus on a single point which often leaves vision blurred or doubled (how I never noticed I had this, I don’t know).

I don’t think Doc. was prepared for how happy I was once he informed me that glasses would fix the issue. That I would have to wear optical glasses to see and read properly. I tried not to let my face read too much into what was running through my head at the time, which was something along the lines of “YES!!!!!!!!” while simultaneously flicking through types of frames that I knew I already wanted. I have to state, I know what I want. And I left that appointment already knowing the type of frames I would be purchasing. And with a little help from a friend to narrow down the appropriate store, the shopping began.

Where does a gentleman go when he needs to find that pair of glasses to fit the criteria of an accessory for the basis of a wardrobe? He goes to onepointsevenfour, your eyewear couturier.

In onepointsevenfour you will discover the ultimate edit of the most loved, bonafide best of the best eyewear collections from across the globe.

With an untouchable quality and a daring standard for diversity amongst other eyewear merchants, onepointsevenfour offers a myriad of luxury eyewear, paying homage to their mantra that eyewear is an art-form. It is here, in their Paddington boutique, that I found my glasses. Inside their bold exterior lies shelves laced with frames that are double-take-worthy by Frency & Mercury, Matsuda and Dita to name a few, all the while further boasting extensive pieces including collaborations by Martin Margiela and Victoria Beckham.

It’s almost overwhelming to note the feeling you are enveloped with of knowing how many frames you want to buy once you explore the collection that they offer. After much deliberation between frames, I walked away with a timeless pair – Paloma Francis from Super by RetroSuperFuture, a hand-made Italian brand exclusive in Australia to OPSF.


Thank you to the team at OPSF for making my shopping experience incredibly easy from start to finish. I have lived a dream this week and I’m feeling pretty happy with myself as man with new eyes.

So, to my men who are ready for the new, or even have it be your first, pair of optical glasses or sunglasses to start a classic and timeless wardrobe… onepointsevenfour is your store, Old Sport.


Featured Picture: watch from Mr. Porter, Paloma Francis optical glasses, Super by RetroSuperFuture from onepointsevenfour.

Middle Picture: Paddington, Sydney retail store front of onepointsevenfour.

Bottom Picture: watch from Mr. Porter, Paloma Francis optical glasses, Super by RetroSuperFuture from onepointsevenfour.



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