Kim Jones makes things with his movements that I, for the life of me, could never write with a pen.

A focus piece on the unintentional yet raw beauty within the way a Dior garment moves on man. Whether within the motion, or in emotion. Through a stride, through a phone call, through a longing gaze at art, or at someone.

Through the simplicity of dark city landscapes, and shadows on buildings, the element of Dior slices through your everyday views.


DIOR MEN – READY-TO-WEAR – WINTER 2019-20 – LOOKS DIOR LOOK #5 – 01/19/2019 DIOR JACKET 943C214A4537C900 TURTLENECK 943M665BT056C889 DIOR PANTS 943C101A4537C900 DIOR SHOES 3DE292YQDH96
9 SLG 2DTCA242YSCH03E BROOCH V0420HOMMTD000 DIOR LOOK #37 – 01/19/2019 DIOR COAT 943C301A4698C720 DIOR BLOUSON 943C432A4655C389 DIOR PANTS 943C105A4655C379 DIOR BELT 4346RVYSMH08E SHOES 3BO221YQDH769 DIOR BAG 1ADBA099YRWH08E SLG 2ADKH163YPWH08E SLG 2CHKH164YRUH08R SLG 2DTCH079YMJH08E DIOR LOOK #40 – 01/19/2019 VEST 943C606A0042C885 DIOR JACKET 943C204A4441C541 DIOR PANTS 943C103B4441C541 DIOR SHOES 3BO221YQDH969
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