_DSC5579.lowresM R .  T U R N E R

Mr. Turner is a menswear, lifestyle and travel blog founded in the Summer of 2015. Created to frame a spectacle of the beauty in life based on three of the largest factors that have influenced Mr. Turner: Fashion, Life and the World.


J O R D A N   W A T S O N   T U R N E R

I was born in Sydney in 1993, and will always call the diverse suburb of Bondi my home. I grew up connected to its iconic beach and also experienced many pristine beaches and villages in the Fiji islands, due to my father’s heritage.

From a young age I was enthralled by the many worlds of beauty and fashion. This became my modus operandi leading me deeper into form, structure and design.

When I was just six years old, my mother would drive me around wedding stores so I could sit and sketch designs for dresses.

At school, I knew exactly where my passion lay. I would forgo regular activities and instead create magazines, cutting out images from Vogue and writing my own copy. You could not remove me from an art diary and pencils – my pastimes revolved around creating and designing.

Mr. Turner launched over the Summer of 2015, and since then, I’ve worked on online campaigns for ASOS, Vittoria Coffee and Uniqlo, as well as collaborating with such brands as Cotton On, Antoine & Stanley, and my personal favourite The Annex in sharing and producing styling content.

I love fashion – and it’s shown through my love for life. In fashion, I see more than the cut of a shirt or the way to wear a scarf. I see the history of humanity. I see the future. And I feel and live this glorious present moment. I revel in sensuality, sunshine, adventure, places to explore and memories that endure.

I find myself always experiencing beautiful places, beautiful food, beautiful people, and beautiful clothes. This vision of mine is as constant and familiar to me as the sea I grew up with. I hope you will accompany me through my journey.