Henry Gresson, co-founder of NOMI, talks to MR TURNER for GANT about technology, his the challenges in business, and why perseverance is key.

When you have an industry full of mass-produced products, how do you find a gap and make your mark? Just ask Henry Gresson, co-founder of NOMI, who continues our #NeverStopLearning series.

Gresson is no new arrival to the online world. Starting a digital agency in 2007, helping business owners to embrace online opportunities, to working at GoFundraise in 2014, assisting 1,400 charities to raise money online, his mark is clear; Making sure no industry is left behind with the growing technology available.

“Technology is moving so fast that it’s important that you have an absolute passion for it,” Henry says.

“To keep up and be the best, you need to work at it very hard, and in some instances around the clock, so you must love it.”



NOMI exists to make original furniture designs customisable online. Since their launch in 2014, NOMI has made headlines about their product that rival the quality and affordability of a certain Swedish brand – which does not happen overnight.

When questioned about the setbacks and challenges in business, Gresson’s resilience was definitive from his response:

“The main technique that we used to work through them was grit and determination. We knew that if we worked hard enough, we’d get the business off the ground.”



There is a zeal to someone who is living their dream. Gresson, who now works across both his passions, has just that. “We’re at the intersection of design and technology, and seeing NOMI develop and come together is the most rewarding element of the business,” he says as he continues to revel in the experience of seeing NOMI’s products used in spaces around Australia.

Through sharing his knowledge to help build and connect businesses, industries and over 1,000 charities to online opportunities, Henry Gresson has solidified himself as an industry leader.

After all, a rising tide lifts all boats.  

Interviewed, photographed, styled, edited and written by Jordan Turner (MR TURNER), featuring Henry Gresson for GANT.

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