The autumn drop from one of the leading fashion groups, Cotton On has finally arrived! It’s stocked full of clean colours and structural pieces that are pivotal for building a wardrobe.

A shoot inspired by portraits of my icons and their signature characteristics. Stylistically formed from the indisputable and distinct beauty of Balmain's blazers, to the contemporary style of the Annex’s designs.

You know how we all have those few labels where you can literally buy every single piece of clothing they have to offer and have absolutely #noregrets? Conveniently placed in my hood and very close to home, the Annex happens to be my kryptonite and really is Bondi's Best.

Now this is a story all about how my life got turned upside down - And I’d like to a minute so just sit right there! I’ll tell you how Cotton On revived the 90’s in me.

There's a place close to Sydney, Australia, that is calling you. Where you can remove yourself from the busy world we are all so accustomed to. For no matter how long or short your visit should be, you leave feeling feel relaxed and rested. Where you feel like you are in another country. That place, my friends, is Jonah's on Whale Beach. 

One of the key aspects to building a quality and timeless wardrobe is having a variety of basics. In Winter I love incorporating lots of monochrome; your blacks, whites, and greys are always going to piece together perfectly, and the Winter knit is an essential for this formula. In this look shoot, I’ve found three affordable, quality basic knits that you need and absolutely can’t live without this Winter. 

I kept it as simple and classic as I possibly could without being too understated for the final day of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia. I am very much about having timeless pieces in your wardrobe - things that in 10 or 20 years you can look back on in photo's and never have to say to yourself, "wow, what was I thinking!?" Check out the rest of the photo's that were taken by one of the coolest people you'll ever meet, Elliot Toms, and shop the outfit after the jump.

Take Sydney's most iconic beach, one of the biggest fashion events of the annual calendar, the brains of Maurice Terzini and Lucy Hinckfuss, and you arguably have yourself an unprecedented and revolutionary runway debut into the Fashion world. Inspired by it's home town, where surf meets the city, the line is based on 10 pieces that you can wear in as many different styles that you can think of, with no gender-designation. The show was an audio and visual masterpiece, where the photos below speak for themselves.

One of the best accessories to completing any outfit would have to be a pair of optical glasses or sunglasses. It's just like a watch - having just one is not enough! A pair of slick shades to finish off a freshly pressed white shirt for the yacht party this weekend, or optical lenses to put the final touch of class on a suit - it's an item that many of us use and require that is constantly overlooked as a necessity rather than an addition as a basis to your wardrobe. I do have to admit, having optical glasses has always been a dream of mine. A dream which came true this week...