They awoke, pulled on their denim and hit the streets. Speakers blaring 90's beats that echoed nostalgia in the ears of four. Punctured with fluent vigilance, they are walking statements as capsules of their own age and style. A staple of their wardrobe which matched the necessity of the essential white T: comfortable, crisp and clean. The daze began with denim.

The daze began with denim. I had the privilege to get together with three other bloggers to share our love for denim wearing Lee Jeans. The four of us, Gabriella, Jill, Warren and I have an undying love for the warped-cotton family and hold our own individual style ideas to share! Have you ever had one of those pairs of jeans that you've fallen in love with upon first glance? Wearing it day-to-day as it bodes and shifts it's shape to mould your body, swiftly being used to suit any location for any occasion. It's almost as if you were in a relationship, having used your time together to build trust and confidence to become reliable, unique, and loved. Call me a player because I'm in a couple relationships with a few different pairs of jeans right now. I've called it the daze of the denim. Although, each one of my pairs of jeans have their own character and uniqueness that has me crawling back for more. I’ll never get over is how versatile denim can be. It’s completely universal - you can wear it with anything. You can jump from breakfast with friends, to a birthday luncheon, to a night on the town. A pair of jeans can take you from day to night with a change of a shirt whilst still rocking an absolutely killer look. In Winter, my favourite way to style my denim is with a sweater or hoodie, topped with a coat or jacket and paired with my favourite sneaker. This can easily be turned smart by swapping out the sweater and sneaker for a shirt and classier shoe respectively and accessorising with a scarf. For Summer, pairing any jean with linen shirts and leather slippers or white sneakers are my biggest go-to. For those of you that love to do something a little more “in-your-face,” you can’t go past rocking some double denim however, it’s incredibly easy to go wrong. My hot tip if you’re looking at blue denim is to look for a denim shirt that is either a lighter texture to your denim bottoms or a darker shade than your denim bottoms. Now that you’ve heard my denim modus operandi, check out the rest of the squad - Gabriella Bjersland, Jillian Wright and Warren Pasi. Click on their name to follow through to their post and read how and why they style their denim. What’s your denim MO? 5afe61c8-adb3-42ef-a283-2d54f64f34e1

There's definitely something special about Bondi icon John Macarthur, a self-confessed leftover hippie, and the legendary Purl Harbour. However, as we know in life, all good things must come to an end. After decades perfecting his craft in his studio, conveniently nestled in our shared hometown of...

I've found three knits that you need for your Autumn to Winter to Spring wardrobe, and they are all located in the same place, from the same brand. Is it obvious yet? Because I'm still unhealthily in love with everything by the Annex.

The autumn drop from one of the leading fashion groups, Cotton On has finally arrived! It’s stocked full of clean colours and structural pieces that are pivotal for building a wardrobe.

A shoot inspired by portraits of my icons and their signature characteristics. Stylistically formed from the indisputable and distinct beauty of Balmain's blazers, to the contemporary style of the Annex’s designs.

You know how we all have those few labels where you can literally buy every single piece of clothing they have to offer and have absolutely #noregrets? Conveniently placed in my hood and very close to home, the Annex happens to be my kryptonite and really is Bondi's Best.