Have you ever found yourself racking your brain for ideas about gifts? Finding the perfect present for someone who means a lot to you can be a stressful experience. I have often left unsuccessful shopping trips thinking “I wish someone else would just do this all for me!”

Fear no more fellow gift-strugglers! THE GIFT CONCIERGE Co. is here to save our butts! I recently caught up with the founders, Marcia and Rose, to discuss just exactly what happens, and how we can give gifts stress-free!   

How did THE GIFT Concierge Co come about? Is there a story behind how it started?

We have known each other since we were kids – our shared love of celebrations, gift giving and the festive seasons goes way back. At every gifting opportunity, we found ourselves with multiple lists to fulfill. Word spread and demand grew and as we both searched for our next ‘big’ thing to do in our careers…we realised we were already doing it.

Over the years, we’ve put endless amounts of effort and thought into the gifts we’ve bought each other, our family, friends, colleagues and clients. We got addicted to the feel –good factor seeing how much joy a thoughtful gift brings to others.

Gift giving gives me anxiety! I always want to pick something perfect. What are your thoughts around this, and do you find it’s common for people to feel this way in your experience? 

Our extensive research and experience was conclusive – most people find gift giving difficult, time consuming and over-whelming. They lacked inspiration and often chose a safe option (like a voucher) – boring and predictable and not very personal – always at the last minute.

We believe that giving a loved one a beautiful gift is one of life’s greatest pleasures so it became our mission to take the hassle out so our clients could enjoy ‘the gift of giving’. We decided it was time to bring thoughtful back.

Mother’s Day is coming up! I know a lot of people who are lost for ideas for gift giving their Mum. She is one of a kind, and how could we possibly sum that up in one day. How does The Gift Concierge help with this? 

Mother’s Day is commercialism put to good use, as we get to honour the unsung sacrifices and offerings our mothers grant us daily. It is impossible to ever repay this woman for the gifts of life and sustenance she’s given us, nor does she expect it. However, we think it’s fun and rewarding to try!

Our research, insight and access to beautiful brands and products together some insight about each individual mum allows us to help you pick a unique and personal gift that will make your mother feel like she’s one in a billion.

We’ve been doing our best to find out what mums want this year – you can find some of our top picks on our website. If you’re inspired by what you see – simply add it to your cart, we’ll wrap it beautifully and include a gorgeous card and deliver it to your nominated address. For a more tailored option – our quick questionnaire will give us all the insight to find that perfect present for mum.

I recently received a gift from you – how did you pick something I didn’t even know I needed?

A big part of our job is keeping up to date with the latest & greatest trends. Consumer trends, retail trends, technology trends, travel trends, fashion trends etc etc – we surround ourselves with endless information and inspiration. We are constantly in touch with our wonderful suppliers and attending trade and launch events to ensure we are in-the-know.

We spend a lot of time shopping – window shopping, online shopping, in-store shopping. For all ages, sexes and stages of life.

We do our homework – being thoughtful is easy when you know a little about the recipient. We’ve developed a short questionnaire to give us valuable insight.

We marry the insight about our recipient with all the inspiration & information we’ve gathered – and the result is a perfectly tailored, thoughtful gift.

I’ve noticed you have a Doghouse option on your website! I personally love this – not that I would ever need to use it (HA!) – have you found this to be a popular feature?

Definitely the most popular!

And for so many reasons: Some people leave things to the last minute (it’s human nature and we’ve all done it) and need a gift urgently same or next day. One person needed a ‘morning after’ gift. Another customer sent a ‘sorry if I’ve caused a hangover but thanks for the crazy night’ gift. Some people just need to say sorry – and flowers & chocolates are just not going to cut it.

What has been the most difficult or most obscure present you’ve had to buy personally or for a client? 

 We’ve recently had to find the perfect ‘parting ways’ gift for a couple who were divorcing. We needed to be sensitive to what they were going through but also find something that represented the beautiful and positive they got out of the marriage.


There you have it, readers. In our busy lifestyles, we may not always have the time to shop for the perfect gift or have the brain capacity to stress over it. THE GIFT CONCIERGE Co. is here to save us, no matter the occasion, no matter the location.

Happy gifting!

Images: courtesy of THE GIFT CONCIERGE Co. – visuals of some of their impeccable wrapping.

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