Have you ever committed to something that you love? Because I never thought I’d be writing a post for this blog on this day on this topic for surpassing such a milestone as having 10,000 followers.

What does one write in such a post anyway? Do you thank everyone for following you? Do you thank those you have worked with and those that have helped you get this far? Do bear with me as I’m making this up as I go, just like most of what I do – the life of an entrepreneur you could say.

One of the many things I’ve learnt this year is to reflect. How can you expect to be happy with where you are if you don’t reflect on where you’ve been to get there?

So, Ladies and Gentlemen – let this be a page ripped from my journal directly from me to you.

I’ve always had an acute eye for detail and aesthetics, so my love for menswear and lifestyle has always existed. It wasn’t until my best friend had a conversation with me about actually sharing it – mind you, this was whilst we were on a road trip to get cupcakes on the other side of Sydney. She gave me a little pep talk. I don’t think she remembers it but she flicked a switch in my brain and the blog happened from there.

It’s been an interesting journey since then – and I definitely find it crazy to believe there are more than 10,000 people following me. The biggest aid in helping me grow my following has been collaborating. It took my content and my reach further out than what I could have achieved alone.

I’m someone who learns from people around me. Every blogger, every photographer and each brand create their own way of styling and designing that they’re known for. I try to take the parts that I love from what they do individually, adapt it to suit my brand and continue to build on top of that making it into my ever-evolving artist practice.

From my experience with collaborating, I’ve constantly been learning new techniques and experimenting with what works and what doesn’t. Naturally my quality of content has been getting stronger – we can all see it improve as creators of our own work. However, it wasn’t until I really focused on collaborating that I saw the increase in following and brand recognition. I had a 100% increase of inbound queries and requests looking to work together which can only be the direct reflection of the work I’m putting out there.

There is no guide that tells you how to effectively grow a following, or blog about fashion, or how to become an online influencer and content creator. I just focused on what I brought to the world and stayed consistent in sharing that. The path is wild, it can be long, but there is always a way around every barrier and a solution to every issue – you just need to find it.

One thing I’ll never get tired of is this medium of sharing – I still revel in the feeling I get when I can capture the perfect shot. There’s so much that goes into the detail. I consider every finite pixel of whatever fits into that camera lens – and furthermore, within the Instagram square. From the way the wind blows, my (or my model’s) expression and stance, the subject I’m trying to portray, the time of day, the lighting, location and edit. All of it. It’s easy to take a great picture, but creating that moment where your viewer has to mentally and physically stop what they’re doing to take a closer look is what I aim to do.

There are many more experiences left for me to grapple, many more brands and bloggers to collaborate with, and even more techniques to learn and equip.

I look forward to publicly reflecting on my next milestone, but will continue to do so myself. I suggest you do it too.

PS. Could I not celebrate any other way than having ‘10,000’ donuts? #noregrets


  • LafayetteLemon
    Posted at 12:13h, 28 August Reply

    I love this! I myself am on a journey of starting my own blog and “sharing ” my perspective with the world, this is encouraging to read because it’s true, there really isn’t a manual to grow readership and create a true following. It’s inspiring to read other bloggers journeys to their success.

    • JT
      Posted at 10:45h, 30 August Reply

      Really appreciate that, Lafayette! We’re all writing the pages of the manual as we go – hopefully you get into doing some collaborating! It’s an awesome learning curve.

  • Freya
    Posted at 10:40h, 30 August Reply

    congratulations jt, i love this post too 🙂

    • Rosalinda
      Posted at 18:46h, 31 March Reply

      People nollrmay pay me for this and you are giving it away!

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