I recently worked with ASOS on their latest #JeansbyASOS campaign that was dedicated to expressing personal flair. As I type this post from a cafe, I can’t help but think just how versatile jeans are. Not including those here who are wearing athleisure – the Bondi uniform – everybody has jeans on.

This got me thinking about just exactly how versatile jeans can be. It’s worn by people from hundreds of different cultures, countries, races, sizes, interests, industries — it can go on. From an individual perspective, jeans are also versatile to how they’re worn by a person. We have options for cuts, sizes, colours and styles.

If you’re like me, you pluck style inspiration from various corners of the globe. The trans-seasonal and basic pieces in your wardrobe are, also, your most worn. Denim is part of the everyday wardrobe and, sometimes, sneakers are the only shoes that’ll suffice.

“I can never find the perfect pair of jeans to suit my style, it’s so hard” – clearly, you’ve never shopped at ASOS.

There is not a style, nor a colour, trend or fit of jean that you won’t find from their selection. Pages full of options for all body types to suit your style – or styles if you’re similar to me.

I have put together two videos in the same type of jeans, different colours, and two different styles by nature. This is to showcase just how versatile jeans can be, and how easy it is to find your style online.

While you’re browsing, the only question you really have to ask now is ‘who are you’ by nature?

90s by Nature in #JeansbyASOS


City (Crazy) by Nature in #JeansbyASOS


Sincerely – by nature,

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