If you’re one of those people that like to spend the majority, if not the entirety, of their day in pyjamas – like me – then this post is for you. I’ve collaborated with Marks & Spencer and Shopping Links to ensure you can continue to do this in style – or just look like you have your shit together from the comfort of your bed.

Finding little slices of luxury in everyday life is a hidden talent of mine. Think about a moment when you’ve sighed in complete euphoria, knowing that there is absolutely nothing better than whatever you were doing at that second. I capture that feeling and recreate it whenever I can – I work hard so it’s essential I have my balance of luxe-time.

One of these said moments is after a day’s work when you’ve stepped out of the shower, into fresh PJs and gone to bed to read or binge on the latest release on Netflix. As soon as you find a comfy position, it’s a cue for every muscle in your body to stop, relax, and thank you for the opportunity to rest. I’d go as far to say that the feeling is so uplifting, it’s as if my body is a football team congratulating me on the winning try. Needless to say, I really enjoy it so I do this every day.

My favourite topping to this luxe-Sundae is finding the perfect bedwear. We’re drawing closer to Winter so pyjamas over your birthday suit are back in favour. Today, we need not look any further than Marks & Spencer, who take the crown in affordable luxury.

I’ve picked four staple looks from Marks & Spencer’s online store that I’ll be sleeping in this season, all of which are under $50. I’ve chosen a lot of pure cotton sets because luxury says so.

Among talking about pyjama habits with friends, I learnt that Men’s PJ’s are also favourable among the opposite sex. The loose fit and fine fabrics go a long way, and Marks & Spencer clearly know this well. Clémence, a friend of mine, only wears Men’s PJs so it was only fitting that she join me to wear my new M&S Nightshirt.

Have a look at the photo gallery below and shop my picks that I’ll be wearing during my luxurious slumbers!

Good night,

  • Anne ryrie
    Posted at 21:28h, 20 February Reply

    Making me so excited for winter! I’m definitely investing in some jammies 😉

  • Juanita Juanita
    Posted at 21:39h, 20 February Reply

    I literally love to do nothing and on my way to work right now all I want to do is jump back into bed with some new jam’s on! Love it!!!

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