As an Australian, you hear an abundant amount of stories about Tasmania, and Tasmanians. However, nothing will prepare you for the beauty that’s ridin’ solo in the south east corner of Australia.

There's a place close to Sydney, Australia, that is calling you. Where you can remove yourself from the busy world we are all so accustomed to. For no matter how long or short your visit should be, you leave feeling feel relaxed and rested. Where you feel like you are in another country. That place, my friends, is Jonah's on Whale Beach. 

I just can't seem to keep still! For the past few weeks, all I can think about is exploring this beautiful country I call home. While I was gallivanting around Europe, fellow travelers from around the globe would frequently ask "do you ride a kangaroo to school?" or "what is it like having Christmas in Summer?" However the question that stuck was always regarding whether I had been to this place, or visited that... And only then did it click, that Australia needs to be explored.

Splendour In The Grass 2015 (SITG), you've done it again. Created a weekend of unstoppable beats, to-die-for food and unforgettable memories that will be cherished forever. I thought this weekend would never arrive, however, the day finally came where good vibrations echoed through the North Byron Parklands of Byron Bay. Where artists ventured from their homelands, nationally and internationally for Australia's undeniable best music festival. This festival is where folks like you and I travel far and wide to attend...