In an aim to actively lead mass conversations and discussions in support of marriage equality, Airbnb ‘Until We All Belong’ has built a social movement by wearing a ring designed by Marc Newson that has swept across Australia. Here are my two cents.

The Airbnb ‘Until We All Belong’ campaign is carrying a big message throughout our nation. I’ve seen friends share this ring across my Facebook feed – the words and messages are making their way around. That’s the power that brands like Airbnb have! Utilising their following and network as a way to send out a kind, human hand in helping raise more awareness to an issue.

I gathered with a few fellow bloggers, content creators, photographers and creatives to chat about the inequality that is being faced in our society today. As a collective, we created and shared content as a unit, of all different races yet with the same beliefs. We stand together as believers in provoking discussions for equality for all genders and sexual orientations.

Australia is quite a young nation when you think about it, we were “discovered” somewhat 400 years ago, and don’t have a medieval history. We have our rich and naturally deep aboriginal history – one that we need to acknowledge more often as the original owners of this beautiful land – going back tens of thousands of years. But for such a young and developed country we are SO old in our ways.

Personally, marriage isn’t for me – right now. However, who am I not to speak for my beautiful and fabulous friends who can’t marry from this law. And who am I not to speak for the person I may be in two or five years from now? This spell of inequality may not affect you directly in this very moment but think about someone close to you that it may.

This campaign is a showcase and celebration of love, nothing else. And if you ask me, that’s exactly what this world needs right now. A whole lotta love.

I wear this ring not only with marriage equality in mind but for eternal equality for anyone, everywhere.

Spread love, not hate.

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