Gentlemen, the ladies aren’t the only ones absolutely killing it in the fashion game at the moment. I follow a lot of mens fashion bloggers and found that these 10 disruptors have significantly changed the way the blogger sphere operates. Do yourself a gigantic favour and get to know the faces that are challenging men to step-up and step out in style.
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10. SHAUN BIRLEY @shaunbirley
Shaun is not only one of Australia’s best dressed, he’s also a coffee connoisseur and working in fashion import and export. From his pressed suits, bold imagery and striking colour statements, you can tell why Shaun is regarded as one of the most stylish and influential mens fashion bloggers in Australia.

9. CHRISTIAN BENDEK @christianbendek
This instagram is one worth following, not only does Christian showcase his nautical flare and love of colour, but he also flaunts the year-round Summer we all wish we were having. The Caribbean King boasts good vibes and crisp outfits worthy of everyones attention – warning: you will encounter major location envy.

8. THE BRAZILLIAN STYLE @kelvinlopes123
Kelvin has been the source for many of my early morning searches for outfit inspiration. He has a unique and contemporary style that cascades throughout his Instagram feed which has now become a collection of outfits for every season. He incorporates staple pieces of clothes everyone should have in their wardrobes to create show-stopping looks. As he branches out into more engaging video content while still boosting his Pinterest worthy style, Kelvin is definitely one lean and mean mens fashion blogger to watch.Mens Fashion Bloggers 3
7. MAN OF STYLE @samwines_
Many would, and definitely should, refer to Sam Wines as the Clark Kent of the fashion blogging sphere. Behind this science nerd is a massive fashion enthusiast and model hero that has style cooler than James Dean himself. Sam shares his distinct style and love of tailored suits to denim shirts over at his blog, Man Of Style. This is one for every Aussie male – and other mens fashion bloggers should take note!

6. WHO IS ERIC JESS? @ericjess
If you’re looking to up your style-game, Eric Jess is the guy to check out. His aesthetically clean Instagram has aided him in captivating an audience of over 12,000 subscribers on YouTube. With video lookbooks, vlogs going through must-have items of each season, and a niche for creating high fashion looks from affordable items of clothing, Eric is going to be the guy to take your style game to new heights.

5. MR. GUMBATRON @mrgumbatron
If you haven’t yet visited Mr. Gumbatron, then you’re in for a real treat. Lex Mak is the creative brain behind some of the best content surfacing on this planet. Unmatched with his sharp eye for detail, Lex is proving to be the leading go-to for men’s fashion in Australia. From his caffeine fuelled and almost daily Instagram posts sharing his coffee and immaculate suiting, to his travels and outfit inspiration, Mr. Gumbatron is the only destination where coffee and fashion consistently come together perfectly.

4. BLOGGERS BOYFRIEND @bloggers_boyfriend
Every single picture featured on Kurt’s blog and ‘gram, Bloggers Boyfriend, could almost be a photo taken directly from an editorial in GQ or the latest Balmain or Dior Homme campaign. This creative-gun checks all the boxes, and has crafted a defiant style and aesthetic that stands unrivalled among a sea of influencers. You won’t find other mens fashion bloggers that can pull-off statement pieces like he can.

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3. THE GENTLEMAN BLOGGER @matthewzorpas
A lecturer, creative consultant, and the epitome of a Gentleman, Matthew Zorpas has imprinted his style in over 135 thousand eyes. Being an A-class profile gives his followers VIP access seeing his view from front row for which ever fashion event he attends. Get your phones out and tap M-A-T-T-H-E-W-Z-O-R-P-A-S in for the ultimate peak behind the scenes of the Men’s fashion world and his flawless style that redefines what class means.

2. IAMGALLA @iamgalla
Adam is the first fashion blogger I followed. Since then, he has continuously created and produced content worthy of Vogue spreads. Galla is the leading powerhouse of the male fashion bloggers, currently captivating well over two million followers and growing – fast! His travelling will leave you green with envy, and his style and humour will keep you coming back. If you’re planning a trip, and looking for affordable menswear inspiration, you need not look any further.

1. THE THREE F @filippocirulli
I have always been a huge fan of how Italians dress, and Filippo Cirulli only adds fuel to the fire within. One half of The Three F’s, Cirulli is arguable one of the best dressed men on this planet and deserves so much more recognition than he is given for mens fashion bloggers. The luxury and opulence of Europe echo throughout his snapshots as Filippo exudes an effortless cool that’s impossible to reproduce. His state of grandeur will make you melt for what he wears and where he goes. This, ladies and gentlemen, is all I hope to be.

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Feature Image (from left to right): Eric Jess of Eric Jess, Kurt of Bloggers Boyfriend, Adam Gallagher of IAMGALLA, Jordan Turner of Mr. Turner, Matthew Zorpas of The Gentlemen Blogger, Filippo Cirulli of The Three F, Sam Wines of Man of Style, Lex Mak of Mr. Gumbatron, Shaun Birley of Shaun Birley, Kelvin Lopes of The Brazilian Style, Christian Bendek of Christian Bendek.
Image One (from left to right): Sam Wines, Shaun Birley, Matthew Zorpas.
Image Two (from left to right): Eric Jess, Kurt of Bloggers Boyfriend, Kelvin Lopes
Image Three (from left to right): Kurt of Bloggers Boyfriend, Adam Gallagher, Kurt of Bloggers Boyfriend.
Image Four (from left to right): Filippo Cirulli, Matthew Zorpas, Filippo Cirulli
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    Posted at 23:14h, 14 July Reply

    Happy Friday! What a glamorous read. I love your eclectic selection of bloggers, each tell a story of themselves through their clothes and photography style. I love the contrast of dreamy Italian boy Filippo with fresh and clean cut Sam Wines. I think I know what I will be doing this Sunday evening, hot chai tea, Buena Vista Social Club, and getting my fashion fix researching these bad boys. xo

  • Gabie
    Posted at 23:32h, 14 July Reply

    Awesome picks Mr Turner, Beautiful post with a creative selection of pictures. Much love x

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    Posted at 23:51h, 14 July Reply

    Super duper cool my brotha’! Love this!

  • Lex Mak
    Posted at 08:40h, 17 July Reply

    Thanks for including Mr. Gumbatron in the list. I am feeling honoured, what a fine selection of gents! Beautiful work!

  • Brandcruz
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    As a fashion lover i follow ericjess ! Thanks for your update about fashion blogger.

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